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We can work with you to improve financial planning and implementation of various strategies by providing deal solutions, industry & market knowledge and advice & support on your finance related decisions.


We can advise you on all aspects of dealing with debt (refinancing of debt and accessing a new debt market), treasury (forex and interest rates) and private equity (raise private equity)


We can help you achieve improvements in the finance function to be more efficient, effective and better aligned with your business plan and strategy which in turn improve overall financial outcomes. Our solutions include: creating & reviewing financial models, financial information & performance management, cash flow management, cost management and budget planning & forecasting.


We provide solutions tailored to your investment needs and goals. We can provide guidance to help you develop an asset allocation strategy, trade ideas and investment guidelines especially in MENA region. We can also provide research materials giving you insights into local economic and market dynamic affecting your investment decisions and commentary giving you our view on asset classes and sectors in local market.


We help our clients make better decision by performing due diligence. Our due diligence service will be performed on developing accurate assessment of key industry performance issues including cash flow drivers and relevant market. It also includes identifying costs & contingencies and reviewing deal / transaction related documents.  

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